Meat with a little Character

Our Story

Turf & Clover came about from our love of all things Irish – the rain, the soil, the grass, the rain and our respect for the land and the people that nurture and farm on this emerald isle.

From our family of thousands of farmers and their honest and sustainable approach to land and beast, we can bring you the best cuts of beef, lamb, pork and chicken – Irish born and bred and matured on the landscape of our beautiful island. Getting away from the rain has its positives - our exploration of all four corners of the earth allows us to bring to you our range of dishes with character called Foggydew.

Foggydew Chicken Illustration

Our Character

Foggydew is where we let our chef’s go a little crazy in making some amazing & unique products inspired by the latest trends from all four corners of the earth. Though always staying true to our Irish roots by using the best Irish meat possible.

Illustration of Pig and chicken

Pork Saltimbocca

Italian for ‘Jumps in the mouth’. This is a very simple dish though the classic flavour combination works so well. Sometimes in life the best things are the simple one’s. Sweet tender Irish pork wrapped by hand in salty Italian Prosciutto ham topped with fresh sage butter. Simply pan fry for succulent pork with Prosciutto ham glazed in sage butter.

weight/portion packs/box boxes/pallet shelf life
2 x 143g 7 168 P+ 12 days chilled
P+18 months frozen
Cooked pork

Chicken Tikka Kebabs

Succulent chunks of Irish chicken marinated in an authentic Indian marinade: Aromatic Indian fried spices blended with garlic, ginger, chilli and natural yoghurt. Ideal for a barbeque or cooked under a hot grill, serve with a crunchy mango slaw, riata, wrapped in a warm naan bread.

weight/portion packs/box boxes/pallet shelf life
4 x 260g 7 168 P+ 12 days chilled
P+18 months frozen
Image of Chicken Tikka Kebabs

Sticky Asian Chicken Lollipops

For this amazing product we have travelled to the orient for inspiration (unfortunately we didn’t get to travel to Asia). Ideal as canapés/party food when entertaining friends and sharing a glass or two of champagne!!!! Succulent Irish chicken with all the flavours of the orient – red peppers, spring onion, ginger with a sweet and sticky soy sauce glaze, coated in a spiced crunchy topping.

weight/portion packs/box boxes/pallet shelf life
10 x 27g 8 168 P+18 months frozen
Image of Sticky Asian Chicken Lollipops